Where My Thoughts and Experiences come together for Information Security


I am a software developer, penetration tester, and student. Attempting to absorb everything I can to help further my understanding of security. Used to be in the military as a policeman, now I hope to be in the world of information systems security. Check out my little tid bit onĀ InfoSec training. College Boy now.

My first “technical” job outside of the military was a software developer. It was my first job after taking 4 semesters in InfoSec. I was tasked with development of optimizing back end services and front end development. Within my first month the company had some “suspicious traffic”, coming to me for guidance since I was the only one with a background in security. My job position quickly changed to help the company mitigate and protect against malicious activity.

I found my passion, it’s just something I love and get excited about.