Do you like Kali Linux tools? Use them often enough that you sometimes type tool commands into your everyday Linux box on accident? Hate waiting to boot up your Kali VM just to use a tool to “try” something?

Just put the tools on there- the easy way!

Enter Katoolin: A great python script that installs all sorts of Kali Linux tools on Debian Linux distributions. In this tutorial I will be showing you how to get these tools quickly and (hopefully) error free.

To follow this tutorial step-by-step you MUST HAVE the following met:

  • OS that is Debian based
  • git
  • Python 2.7 (because all the tools in Kali are written as such)


I will be demonstrating Katoolin on Linux Mint 18 (Sarah). I already had Python 2.7 and git on this OS so I did not need to install anything new.

Installing Katoolin

After establishing the above requirements are met, lets clone the git repository located at and put into our environment path:

sudo git clone && sudo cp katoolin/ /usr/bin/katoolin


Now it is in our environment path, all that is left to do is make it executable in order to call it from anywhere:

sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/katoolin


Using Katoolin

Awesome, should be good to run it now. Be sure to execute it as root, as installing repositories will need elevated permissions.

sudo katoolin

Now, a menu will appear with 5 options. Since this is the first time you’re running it you need to add Kali repositories to your /etc/apt/sources.list. Choose option 1, then 1 again.


This will add Kali to your sources.list so now selecting option 2 will update your repositories. Once it updates, verify your sources.list with option 4:


Issuing the ‘back’ command will go back one menu item, and ‘gohome’ command brings us back to main menu. At the main menu, lets view the categories and install some stuff (FINALLY!)


The menu options are self-explanatory. As an example however, lets get some enumeration tools. Type 1 for the “Information Gathering”. Choose the appropriate options for exploit-db, nmap, and sqlmap. Once installations are finished make sure they work.

sqlmap --version
nmap -oX output.xml; searchsploit --nmap output.xml


Now you can add anything you want from the categories! I don’t recommend choosing option 0 in most cases. Its better to add things as you go as it helps manage what broke or causes errors.

Removing Katoolin

To remove Katoolin you must run it again and choose the following:

Option 1 Add Kali repositories & Update

Followed by

Option 3 Remove all Kali Linux repositories

Then enter the following into your terminal:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -f
sudo apt-get autoremove
sudo rm /usr/bin/katoolin



As you can see Katoolin is a very powerful and useful tool to Linux users who also delve into Kali daily or are very familiar with the available tools on Kali. Easy to setup and use. If you run into any errors, Google them!